Hearts Rock

     If you made it  this far you have likely enjoyed  viewing my photos and might want to know more about the specifics. I am an architect with a degree from A.S.U with a strong passion for the outdoors and natural photography. Like Heidi, I am also a rock collector and am excited to help make her collection of heart rocks available for others to enjoy. The photos on this website were taken at various locations in Arizona 2009-2017 with a Nikon D80 and a Canon 6D.

     Heidi and I have a collection of greeting cards with the Hearts Rock concept and have public showings at locations in Arizona. Please return to our homepage where we keep you posted when exact dates and locations become available. If you are interested in purchasing  prints, our website has a price list. Thanks for viewing  this website and if you would like to see more of my natural photography go to;

                                                Fall colors in Arizona

                                                   Variety of Arizona

                                             Canyoneering in Arizona

     Do you enjoy natural photography and want to learn more about

your camera? I offer workshops in beautiful locations that I have

discovered through many years of exploration. I currently teach at

Boyce Thompson Arboretum and I am available for private instruction.


                                Click for info on Aravaipa Fall Color Workshop

                                       Click for info on Hot Springs Workshop

                                         Click for info on Salome Workshop

                                Click for Southwest  Discoveries Workshop

                  Click for Boyce Thompson Switching to Manual  Workshop  


Michael Madsen, Architect, Photographer

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