installation at

Heart Rock Cafe


Made on a Mac

Our Heart Work is available framed in eco-elements “frames designed with earth in mind”.

The Eco frames are made from plantation trees that have already been used for their fruit.

The wood is harvested and new trees such as mango are planted in their place and used for fruit.

Our greeting card envelopes are now available in 100% recycled paper and we are exploring  products such as eco-clear bags that are compostable and made from plants! 

We will continue to search for and offer products that are recycled and made from clean and renewable energy sources.

Thank you for your support!

Concept and collection

by Heidi Golden

Creative photography

by Michael Madsen

Hearts Rock


Hearts Rock

On display at the

Emerson Art Gallery

Thru 2017

Greeting Cards available online and at Bobbie’s Flowers, Tempe, AZ.