Hearts Rock

      I began collecting heart shaped rocks about 10 years ago(approx. 200 in collection). They really started catching my eye about 5 years ago after I lost a Great Love of mine!

I started seeing hearts everywhere! They gave me joy & opened my heart, so I wanted to share this feeling with others, allowing them to open their hearts & smile & share a greater joy with all****


      I began working with Crystals & Minerals 5 years ago as well, I call them Charmers, a heart bead went on almost every piece. I was noticing this greater trend towards hearts in my life, then my friends joyfully started telling me their heart stories & sharing their rocks & photos of hearts! We all seemed refreshed & renewed by this awareness, yet I didn't know how I was going to affect people everywhere, then I met Michael and it was clear our combined gifts along with mother earths gifts we could bring greater joy to Hearts far & near and like a ripple on the water together we are raising up the Love Vibration****

    I got to know Michael through a mutual friend. On Valentines day 2009 we all went to the Tucson Rock & Gem show. It was a magical day, a heart shaped rock fell off a larger specimen right into Michael’s hands, hmmmm..... then at dinner the 3 of us unknowingly created a heart holding hands in Gratitude & Love!!! A project of & thru the Heart was set in motion that day....

      My Vision: Lifting Spirits, awakening awareness****

      My Intent:  encouraging light to enter our hearts,

                            infusing inspiration so we may share

                            our special service & Love with all****

      1 Love,

       Heidi Golden, collector, designer, soft tissue therapist.

The Collector