Photography Workshop Pack List
Canyoneering and Wilderness Photography
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This is a general pack list for our photography workshops. It is intended to be helpful but is not all inclusive.

  1. DSLR camera. If you do not have a DSLR, renting one is recommendable.

  1. Camera manual. Important if you want me to be able to answer questions about your camera.

• Tripod. Using a tripod not only makes for a sharper image, but it is required to practice most of the manual techniques we will be learning in the workshop.

• Shutter release remote control for your camera. (Needed for night exposures over 30 seconds).

• Extra flash drive.

• Flashlight.

• Rain gear. (Be sure to check weather forecast prior to departure and layer accordingly)

  1. Dry bags for your camera gear (If the workshop is near water).

  1. Inner tube for floating you and your gear into the canyons (Salome and Zion workshops).

  1. Comfortable hiking shoes and a pair of water shoes if the workshop is near water. Be sure your shoes have good grip or traction to avoid slipping. Also be sure your shoes are broken in.

  1. Wet suit. (Not necessary but okay if you prefer, Salome and Zion workshops).

  1. Food and drinking water. (Portable water filters work great if the workshop is near water).

• Sunglasses.

• Sunscreen.

  1. Chap stick

  1. Backpack for carrying all of your gear.

• Camping gear (If the workshop is an overnight workshop).